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See below for more information about our natural hair program and answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Instructor Program

What is a Master Educator?

A person who desires a license to instruct in a school and is licensed as a cosmetologist, aesthetician, manicurist or natural hair stylist may be issued a license to teach. An instructor may only practice or teach the discipline in which he or she is licensed. The Institute of Beauty offers Master Educator Training for licensed Cosmetologist and Natural Hair Stylists. This program prepares students with hands on experience and training in teaching!

What are the requirements?

Applicants considering enrolling in the Master Instructor program should have a valid Cosmetologist or Natural Hair Stylist License issued by the TN State Board of Cosmetology. Applicants should have a minimum of three (3) years as a licensed professional. *The Institute of Beauty is an out-of-pocket program, we do not offer/accept financial aid.*

What is needed to enroll?

Submit the non-refundable $300 enrollment fee. Three (3) Years as a Licensed Cosmetologist or Natural Hair Stylist Copy of certified High School Transcript, or GED Copy of Driver's License Copy of Social Security card

What does the program cover?

PHASE I: INTRO TO TEACHING & CURRICULUM PHASE II: COURSE DEV & LESSON PLANNING PHASE III: TEACHING AIDS PHASE IV: TESTING AND STUDENT EVAULATION The Career Education Instructor The Teaching Plan and Learning Environment Teaching Study and Testing Skills Basic Learning Styles and Principles Basic Methods of Teaching and Learning Communicating Confidently Effective Presentations Effective Classroom Management and Supervision Achieving Learner Results Program Review, Development, and Lesson Planning Educational Aids and Technology in the Classroom Assessing Progress and Advising Students Making the Student Salon an Adventure Career and Employment Preparation The Art of Retaining Students Educator Relationships Learning Is a Laughing Matter Teaching Success Strategies for a Winning Career Teams at Work Evaluating Professional Performance PHASE V: THEORY TEACHING & CLASSROOM MGMT PHASE VI: LABORATORY SUPERVISION

How many hours are needed to complete?

In 300 hours our program prepares students with hands on training as a Master Educator. Our Junior Instructors are highly experienced professionals who work to guide students through our Natural Hair Stylist curriculum all while gaining training and skills needed to become a licensed Instructor. Junior Instructors are a very important part of our program! They are responsible for bridging the gap between entry-level and experienced professionals by helping our students build a solid foundation and master advance techniques needed for success in this industry.

How much is the program?

There is an investment of $1500 that covers the cost the program and materials.

Natural Hair Program

What is a Natural Hair Stylist?

According to TN State Board of Cosmetology, A Natural Hair Stylist is: a person who uses techniques which result in tension on hair strands such as twisting, wrapping, weaving, extending, locking or braiding of the hair by hand or mechanical appliances, which work does not include the application of dyes, reactive chemicals or other preparations to alter the color or straighten, curl or alter the structure of the hair. The techniques include providing or offering to the general public for compensation any of the following services solely for development or improvement of physical qualities of the natural hair structure: intertwining in a systematic motion to create patterns in a three-dimensional form; inversion or out-version flat against the scalp along the part of a straight or curved row; or extension with natural or synthetic fibers.

What are the requirements?

Applicants considering enrolling in the Natural Hair Stylist program should be at least 16 years of age and must have completed and passed at least two (2) years of high school or obtained a scored of at least four hundred and fifty (450) on a General Educational Development (G.E.D) test.
*The Institute of Beauty is an out-of-pocket program, we do not offer/accept financial aid.*

What do I need to enroll?

To Enroll you will need: Submit the non-refundable $300 enrollment fee. Copy of certified High School Transcript, or GED Copy of Driver's License or Birth Certificate Copy of Social Security card

How many hours are needed to complete?

In 300 hours our program prepares students with hands on training in Natural Hair Care, Braiding Techniques, Extensions, Natural Hair Care Products, and more.

Can I transfer hours from another program?

Yes, we can accept up to 100 hours from another program. You will need to contact the previous program or State Board to recieve a copy of your hours, these will be needed no later than the first day of class. Students who transfer hours are considered "traditional students". Students who enroll as a traditional student cannot transfer to the apprentice program, meaning that you will complete all of the remaining ours in our program. (See the "what is an apprenticeship program" question)

What does the program cover?

Students are introduced to theory and modern practical hairstyling to ensure that students have a strong training. Through demonstration and practical work on mannequins, we cover State Board essentials and classic IOBTN techniques. Students demonstrate their knowledge of practical application and theory before transitioning into the salon environment. While in a salon environment, students continute to evolve their skills in hair care and styling supervised by a veteran licensed stylist to practice learned techniques on live models/clients. ​Our curriculum includes: The History of Natural Hair Career options for natural hair Infection Control Principles & Practices The Basic Principles for Professional & Personal Success The Professional Consultation Client Management Hair Types & Structures Hair and Scalp Diseases & Disorders Shampoos, Conditioners, Herbal Treatments, & Rinses Managing Textured Hair Business Management Hair Styling... and MORE!

What is an apprenticeship program?

The Tennessee cosmetology apprenticeship program became effective December 1, 2015 and the barber apprenticeship program became effective June 7, 2017. It is optional for schools to participate. The new rules will require a student to initially be enrolled as an apprentice student, first complete 750 classroom hours, pass the theory exam, then engage in apprenticeship with a pre-approved (with the school) salon/mentor who will log and report hours and student progress to the school. You cannot enroll as a traditional student (a student who transfers ours into the program) and then transfer to the apprentice program. The mentor must have been licensed for a minimum of 10 years and be in good standing. The apprenticeship program works as a one-on-one relationship. The mentor, or supervising professional (as stated in the Rule) can only take on one student at a time. The shop must post a sign that apprentice students practice in the shop (at least 8X10) but it is not limited to the number of apprentices, only that each one is under one “supervising professional”. Last but not least, the student must have their own work space. The Institute of Beauty offers a Natural Hair course under Tennessee's Apprenticeship Model. With an investment of $3000, this course is designed to offer you the opportunity to earn hands-on experience within 15 weeks in both the classroom and the supervised salon environment.