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Owner, The Institute of Beauty Founder,

In June 2016 Tamika Turner embarked on the historic journey to open Tennessee's First Freestanding Natural Hair School, The Institute of Beauty. Our Mission at The Institute of Beauty is the "Triple E Standard" which is to educate, empower, and equip our students in the field of Natural Hair Care. Since opening our doors, we have cultivated a curriculum and learning model that is unmatched! Having  graduated well over 200 students while also maintaining a 100% Tennessee Board of Cosmetology pass rate we have proven that #IOBTNWORKS!

Our Natural Hair Stylist program prepares students with hands-on training in Natural Hair Care, Braiding Techniques, Extensions, Natural Hair Care Products, and more in 300 hours! We are happy to announce that we now offer a Master Educator's (Instructor) Program for licensed Cosmetologist and Natural Hair Stylists. In 300 hours, this program prepares students with hands on experience and training in teaching.


Start your a Natural Hair Stylist career and learn hands on training in Natural Hair Care, Braiding Techniques, Extensions, Natural Hair Care Products, and more.

With an investment of $3000, this course is designed to offer you the opportunity to earn hands-on experience in less than 20 weeks in both the classroom and the supervised salon environment.  

Master Educator

Are you a licensed natural hairstylist or cosmetologist seeking to pour your knowledge and expertise into eager future professionals? Join us!

Junior Instructors are highly experienced professionals who work to guide students through our Natural Hair Stylist curriculum all while gaining training and skills needed to become a licensed Instructor. 

Are you a beauty professional seeking advance training in Natural Hair Care? 

IOBTN now offers advance training sessions! More info below! 

Our Alumni


What our students have to say...


Jazma Johnson

Licensed Master Educator, The Institute of Beauty

The Institute of Beauty offered me a relaxed learning environment that provided me the flexibiity to excel as a student. I am proud to say that I am the first Licensed Instructor to come through the program!"


Meet our Staff!

(From Left to Right)

Nefertiti Beckett- Director of Operations, 2017

Jazma Johnson- Night Instructor, 2019

Tania Combs- Day Instructor, 2018

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